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      Fashion Hat

      Product #: PH-1
      Name: Fashion Hat
      Price: $14.99   each
      Desccription: A very attractive and unique Fashion Hat is also being offered, decorated with your patriotic colors and custom made just for you. They are strong and extremely attractive. You can pledge your allegiance to the flag of Ethiopia, and show pride for your country as you walk. The Sundeke team has worked extremely hard on this hat and we recommend a must own one. Just $22.99 each.

      SUNDEKE.COM 2200 Wilson Blvd. suite # 102-358, Arlington, VA 22201, U.S.A "The origin of Ethiopia is largely the origin of us all"
      Tel:1-800-319-5520 / Email: Sales@sundeke.com or Etflag@yahoo.com
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