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      Ethiopian car window flag

      Product #: CWF-1
      Name: Ethiopian car window flag
      Price: $14.99   each
      Desccription: Sundeke is pleased to announce this very special one of a kind personalized High Quality Ethiopian car window flag. This premium Ethiopian car window flag is conveniently priced well below the standard market price. One main advantage of having this fancy Ethiopian car window flag is that it can also be utilized as a hand waving flag just by detaching it from its base. Whenever you are having an event, whether it be a political or historical one, for example, all you need to do to prepare for it is to buy one of our premium car window flags and clip it on to your car window. When you reach your destination simply detach it from the base and take it with you as a hand waving flag. Attaching and detaching it can be done easily by simply twisting onto or off of the base. It conveniently serves both purposes. The average cost of a car window flag of this quality in todays market would be about $15.99, and would most likely not be detachable serving a dual use. The average cost of hand waving flag alone is about $10.99 but Sundeke.com is offering all of this for one low price of $14.99. You can also see the message Long Live Ethiopia printed on the white polyester where the flag pole goes. The dedicated and hard working Sundeke Team have been working very hard and paying additional money so the manufacturer will make sure the words Long Live Ethiopia is clearly printed on each of the car window flags. $14.99 complete.

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